Vacation and Binging

Why Vacation and Substance Abuse Commonly Go Together

Vacation Substance Abuse Triggers

Posted on October 9, 2014

substance abuse triggers on vacationVacation and substance abuse are practically synonymous in our culture. Vacation entices us to abandon our good judgment and caution for repeated nights of stumbling, slurring, memory loss and bodily damage. The tradition of purging inhibitions while on vacation is deeply ingrained in our culture, but it is certainly not considered mentally or physically healthy. In fact, it is a practice that your health and your reputation are much better off to avoid. While you are on vacation, you are surrounded by opportunities to abuse substances, but if you restrict or avoid the things that trigger your desire to abuse substances, you can be successful. Several common things to avoid in order to protect your sobriety while on vacation are:

  • Bars. The most common method of finding alcohol to abuse is in a bar. Bars do more than serve a wide variety of alcohol. They also project the image and the vibe that consuming large quantities of alcohol is stylish, winning and popular. This encourages bar patrons not to question their choice to have another drink.
  • Liquor stores. Also very common and accessible in vacation areas, any establishment that sells alcohol to take home is enabling substance abuse as well as vacationers will not know their limit at home anymore than they do out on the town.
  • Raves. Raves are more the taste of a particular crowd, usually younger and alternative in style, but they can still draw vacationers in to take in the spectacle and use illegal drugs.
  • Parties. Whether they are taking place on a yacht, a hotel or a private residence, vacation parties are sure to supply indulgent drugs, alcohol and food, and should be avoided if you are serious about your sobriety.
  • Casinos. Frequently found in vacation destinations, casinos are very popular with tourists, but always promote drinking while gambling. Steer clear of these tourist traps to keep your intake wholesome.
  • Restaurants. If it is food that you tend to abuse, be careful about eating out. Restaurants are a primary way that vacationers eat and dining out in moderation is not dangerous, but dining out consistently and eating unhealthy foods can ruin your mental and physical health.
  • Clubs. If the club scene is ¬†weakness of yours, you will want to avoid it to stay sober as alcohol will be available everywhere.

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