Vacation and Binging

Why Vacation and Substance Abuse Commonly Go Together

Vacation and Substance Abuse

Posted on October 9, 2014  in Uncategorized

substance abuse on vacationWhy is it that vacation and substance abuse so frequently go together? Even people who live careful lives avoiding substance abuse seem to crumble and cave in while they are on vacation. Particularly when it comes to alcohol, all types of vacationers, ranging from rich to poor and across the cultural spectrum, struggle with substance abuse problems. Why is it that, despite how terrible substance abuse is for a person’s health, people abandon caution while they are on vacation and indulge in booze, drugs and food to the point of excess?
The reason for this is that substance abuse on vacation has become a tradition in our culture. Vacations themselves can be considered a form of escapism. It is not surprising that other popular forms of escapism are offered alongside it. Sayings such as “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” promote and celebrate the notion of abandoning caution while on vacation. This has made vacations into an opportunity to purge one’s cravings, appetites and aggression, a process that is not considered mentally healthy.
Unfortunately, those who provide others with vacation and party substances are aware of how lucrative this mentality can be for them. Alcohol suppliers, drug dealers and chefs of delicious, unhealthy foods flock to vacation destinations to take advantage of tourists looking for a substance enhanced time. The availability of these substances is overwhelming. Food and alcohol are, of course, legal substances and are thriving businesses in all vacation destinations. Alcohol mixing and culinary creations can certainly be art forms, but they are a problem when they are preying on the self-control problems of tourists, which they certainly are. Illegal party drugs are not at all difficult to find in vacation destinations. Prominent dealers, kingpins and mobsters frequently reside in vacation destinations simply for how profitable a market they have in drug dealing.
Vacationing and substance abuse is a disease of society that can only serve to destroy our physical and mental health. On your next vacation, do what you know is right and practice restraint. If you find yourself unable, it may be time to consider drug or alcohol addiction treatment BC.

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