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Sober Vacation Ideas

Posted on September 25, 2015  in Uncategorized

sober vacation

Those who say that being sober on vacation is no fun are ridiculous. Being sober on vacation is what enables you to remember the vacation. It is not a sin to indulge a little on vacation, but for those who have a personality that enjoys excess, sobriety is the way to keep a vacation happy and healthy. Just like in any other area of life, sobriety is ultimately the method that works far better than debauchery. There are a number of ways you can enjoy yourself sober on vacation.

The best way to enjoy your sobriety on vacation is by making the most of it. You will have energy and clarity that you would not have if you were intoxicated or busy going overboard. Spend it on exploring the region you have traveled to and exposing yourself to things you will likely not be able to see again. Anywhere worth vacationing in certainly has landmarks and attractions that you can take in. You will be amazed at how captivated you are by these wonders, and how infrequently you will find yourself bored.

In lieu of taking in attractions, you should also make the time to be active in the outdoor realm of where you have vacationed to. If it is somewhere with beautiful natural scenery, you would certainly be missing out if you did not get outside to see the natural beauty of the area. You can ride your bike through the region to explore it, if it is an urban landscape. If it is a scenic region, you will likely have a number of options available for outdoor recreation, including hiking, swimming, biking and sky diving.

And lastly, you will be so much more culturally aware while you are sober. Take in the local culture of the area you are in. Go to museums, attend live music events, learn where the locals go.

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