Vacation and Binging

Why Vacation and Substance Abuse Commonly Go Together

Ending Vacation Substance Abuse

Posted on December 10, 2014  in Uncategorized

end vacation substance abuseAbusing substances is part of the reason some people go on vacation. They look forward to going far away where they will not run into coworkers, peers or anyone else that they need to protect their reputation around. When they get there, they indulge in whatever kind of food, alcohol or drugs they have been accumulating until their hearts are content. Chances are you have either been on vacation with this person or you are this person on vacation. The trouble with this way of thinking is that you do not return from this type of vacation refreshed. Your return feeling run down, tired and ill because of the damage you have done to your body and your brain through substance abuse. It is far healthier and wiser to avoid substance abuse while you are on vacation in order to savor the vacation, remember it and benefit from it more.

Substance abuse is defined as being dependent on or overindulging in a substance that qualifies as addictive. This usually refers to drugs, alcohol or food. It has been determined that substance abuse is a universally unhealthy practice. No substance is safe to ingest in excess. Even water can cause bodily harm when ingested in extreme amounts. Every substance is meant to be ingested in moderation, and some substances are not meant to be ingested at all. This fact of good health is true in day-to-day life and while on vacation. There is no logical reason to let one’s health standards fall during vacation to binge on food, alcohol and drugs. Rather than fall into this destructive behavior, mentally prepare yourself for a healthy vacation, set diet and sobriety goals and plan healthy activities that will keep you out of the bars and in the sunshine. Vacation with others who share your health standards and will support your decision to not get wasted. If you want to maximize the pleasure of your vacation, stay diligent in your sobriety. Canadians who are struggling with a substance abuse problem when they go on vacation should take this matter seriously and connect with Canada alcohol addiction treatment or drug addiction treatment.

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